Another simple shot on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was really sunny that day, so I had a lot of fun with shadows. Although editing them to make them less harsh is a pain. Now that I am looking at it again, I find myself wondering if the composition would be better if the people in the middle were not in the shot. I really just wanted to capture the two girls on the bikes. They were Korean tourists that stopped every few minutes to pose for instagram photos. I was able to capture them in motion as they are pedaling which I liked. Also caught my friend on the right preparing to stop and to turn around to ask me “want to turn back around?”

May go back and try to make the left side a little lighter. Still new to editing, I have much to learn and will need to try to learn more skills thru Lightroom and try Photoshop out.

I declared 2020 my year to get shit done and I’ve taken a few steps but not enough to satisfy the emptiness I feel at times. Started to invest finally, more confident on my motorcycle, I’m working on my weight, and studying Japanese with purpose. Recently, bought Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Japanese Grammar by Eriko Sato. It has helped me so far with stringing together my Japanese knowledge and has me writing in complete sentences. Generally, will use this book for an hour add use WaniKani to learn Kanji for 5-10 minutes everyday. Also maybe for 30 minutes or so, I will listen to Japanese language music like BabyMetal, Ueda Marie, SCANDAL, and PassCode for Japanese listening comprehension.

Will be ordering a Korean language learning book soon to see if I want to fully pursue that as well.

Studying Japanese with purpose is just one way that I am investing into myself. My goal is to take the JLPT N5 certification exam in December of this year and to go to Japan by the end of the year.

Now, I will be incorporating more personal investments like obtaining a CPR certiciation, First Aid certification, and a M1 License. Instead of buying random shit, I’m saving money to invest into myself and for trips. Need to see the world so I can showcase it through my eyes (lens).




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