A shot that I didn’t remember taking probably do to the fact that I just wanted off the bridge. I like that the elderly couple is walking towards me and there are solid leading lines leading to them and further down the bridge. If I could go back, I would try to get their faces clearer but I enjoy the shot as it is.

All my life I’ve had a fear of heights and always avoided the Golden Gate Bridge, however, on my second to last trip to San Francisco I decided to walk across it. We got half way as we already were dead tired as we walked about 2 + hours to get there. We stood there and I felt a little liberated. Still a little afraid but I looked out to the water and city with my camera and felt relief. I found the sight beautiful, however, I ran most of the way back to the other side of the bridge.

The more I visited SF, the less I feared heights and I have fully gotten over it. I attacked my fear by accident slowly each time I visited the city and stood next to tall buildings. I dared myself to look up and I battled my mind. I told myself that the building was not tipping over and it was safe. Eventually, it became so easy that I could look up at the building without any anxiety. I am truly proud of myself. Although I realize that I may need to take the next step and go inside them.

Also, need to continue to improve my writing and my skill with self expression in blog style writing.

Been up for 18 hours, time for me to crash..soon.




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