Had to walk down a whole lot of steps to get to this beach but it was worth it. I like this shot and I had a lot of fun trying to set it up. I took a lot of shots of the Golden Gate Bridge from different angles. I saw this beach on the map and managed to squeeze it into my day. Nothing really stands out to me in this shot, it’s too simple or maybe it’s crowded for me.

Developing my vision and slowly acting upon it. I am forcing change upon my life and I have to deal with the fear. If I don’t then I will live aimlessly as I have been for two plus years. Before I go to bed, I’ll be shutting everything off and turn on some classical music as I take the time to think things through.

2020 will be my year and this will be my decade. I can’t wait for any magical events, I’m going to have to bust my ass and get things going or nothing will happen and I’ll end up in some kind of dead end for the rest of my life.

For now, looking forward to another post tomorrow.




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