D22 – Darkness Will Fall

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, sky, street photography

DSC05446-01.jpeg“Not every day will be good but there is good in everyday” – Winnie the Pooh. Darkness will fall upon you but you can beat it when you remember your goals and where you want to be. I remind myself of this whenever I start to doubt myself. I’m doing my best and it is working slowly. I’m much better mentally now than I was ever before.

I accomplished a lot today but can do so much more. However, I work until I have accomplished what I need to rather than go to sleep and continue tomorrow. It’s helped me realize how to use my time better and what kind of media to consume as well as what and when to study subjects.

The photo represents this time of self doubt creeping inside of you especially when you look at yourself hence the reflection present thanks to the water. However, just because the world is dark doesn’t mean you have to be. I like dark things as you may be aware of if you have followed this blog for a while. I am not a cruel person nor a dark person for this. I like what I like as you do. Never lose sight to the light of your life (passion +purpose).

Enjoy the process,


D13 – Human Nature

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

DSC05448-01Daring myself to get lost in nature and simply breathe and think. Exploring has helped me further understand myself and my crafts. I enjoy being in nature without a care or any pressure to be anywhere. It’s a perfect place to slow down and smell the flowers.

This photo represents the paths I can take and the one I am currently on. Something is telling me to stray from my path, but I am keeping my head up and exploring the path I’m making. Not following instead I am making my path. This photo is another one I am proud of, I am thinking of adding a hint of blue in the shot. Will continue to experiment everyday.

Live hard,


D10 – Confidence

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

DSC05313-01.jpegExploring with confidence as I play with shadows on the 10th day of this year. So far, this year hasn’t been that bad. I can actually say it’s been good and I have been able to accomplish a few things already.

Today, I was able to explore somewhere new and allowed myself to get lost but not too lost. Captured many new subjects that I can’t wait to edit but that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now I have a long list of things to do before I hit the hay.

Anyway, this photo is of an interior in a college building. I was waiting for a long period of time and found a moment or three to capture this hall including the table and chairs. I’m working on darker projects thus black and white and the use of shadows. There are windows to the left that help lighten the photo enough to make it more interesting. I have a tilted photo of this same subject but it gives off an unsettling feeling due to the different angle.

Have a great week,


Shadow of Life

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

DSC05300-01The world is so ugly yet so beautiful. It is remarkable the things we can create but sometimes the artist is more flawed than the work they have created.

The world I see is darker than most but it has beautiful light from within. My art should represent that, as I often have forgotten that I will never forget the meaning behind what I create nor why I create in the first place. I love film noir and noh plays. I love dark visuals that reveal beauty. I settle with not having living models and capture the things the world ignores. I want to show that just because something is dark, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have light within it.

This shot is a return to what I experimented with in the beginning of this journey. I am shy/anti-social but I am breaking out to capture new subjects including live models. The floor in this building is highly reflective and the entire interior sees a lot of quality light. I wanted to capture both aspects as well as the pillars and I got my chance on a early day when no one was around. It was a trial and error process that I am proud of myself for.



Day 7 – Failure

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

Yesterday, on day 7th I failed to upload a post. I will not make any excuses and will accept this L on my part. I was sad apart this mistake, however, I promised myself it would never happen again. I’ve failed so much in life already at 26 years old and sometimes it feels like its too much. Self-doubt still haunts me like calling a teacher mom or being embrassed in front of the class because of the way you talk. I’m stronger than ever before because I can destroy the bad dialogue shortly after it begins. It’s not all the way gone, but I am working so hard on it. Always remembering my motto, baby steps into giant strides.

This photo showcases recent failure as I go back to explore old subjects with a similar style of dark/neo-noir images. I do like heavy shadows and darkness, I may not always get it right but I am doing work that I love.

Baby steps into giant strides,


Day 4: Exploring Art

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

Fully explored my art and even asked someone to critique my work. I was a lot less defensive than I used to be and the critic gave me good feedback that was unbiased. I learned a lot and some things I didn’t realize were pointed out to me. I took the criticism well and I feel like I took another baby step towards where I want to be in life and who I truly am.

This photo showcases a body of water that is decreasing. I always walk past it and take a photo of it everyday to record the amount of water. I also like the reflection it shows off. I am going to explore darker works and experiment with my art in general more. Today, was a great day and I hope I have many more.

Live free and live while you are young,