This was a decent year for me, I progessed somewhat. However, it is not time for reflection. I am choosing to put 2017 behind me and focus on changing for the better and progessing in my professional and personal life. I watched a video about a 109 year old WWII veteran who inspired me to further live how I like, be kind to others and to myself, to do things for myself, and to keep love by my side. I will be devoted 100% to developing my craft everyday while try spreading myself thin. I will master my craft, my mind, and my body. I am more focused than I have ever been and I believe I will continue this while marching into 2018.

This photo repersents the darkness that has surrounded me this year and how empty I have been despite the small specks of light present on the tables and the floor. However, I can now see that there is a positive way out and I will everything in my power to light up my world and live happily for the rest of my life even whe I struggle. I will continue to love myself and my craft as well as my family and others. I will greet 2018 with a smile.

Thank you for following and have a happy news year,


P.S. Will post once every day in 2018 for 365 days straight.


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