DSC05313-01.jpegExploring with confidence as I play with shadows on the 10th day of this year. So far, this year hasn’t been that bad. I can actually say it’s been good and I have been able to accomplish a few things already.

Today, I was able to explore somewhere new and allowed myself to get lost but not too lost. Captured many new subjects that I can’t wait to edit but that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now I have a long list of things to do before I hit the hay.

Anyway, this photo is of an interior in a college building. I was waiting for a long period of time and found a moment or three to capture this hall including the table and chairs. I’m working on darker projects thus black and white and the use of shadows. There are windows to the left that help lighten the photo enough to make it more interesting. I have a tilted photo of this same subject but it gives off an unsettling feeling due to the different angle.

Have a great week,



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