I’m an anti-social/shy man who has a hard time dealing with people. It is something I have worked on in the past few years. Recently, with me walking in the morning I have been able to communicate with strangers on a frequent basis. As an introvert small talk is as difficult as doing rocket science. No matter how much we study it doesn’t always work it. I simply say “Good Morning” or “Have a nice day” with this two sayings I have been able to break out of my shell. However, most days I simply don’t feel like dealing with people but I still manage to go outside and walk.

This photo is apart of a therapeutic photography project I have been doing for a while and it is apart of my artistic style. Basically, it represents the desire to  get out but darkness surrounds us and will drown us as soon as we come back into the house. I am proud of this photo despite how simple it is. I love my work and will continue to work on my photographic work.

Have fun,



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