Day 43 – Start

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

DSC05295.jpg Had a great day realizing what weakness of mine that I needed to work on. At times I take things too seriously and can say some things in the wrong tone. Working to rid myself of that weakness and speak from an open and honest heart while not attacking anyone.

This photo is my attempt to explore interior architecture. I’ve taken a photo of this hall before but not at this angle. My goal was to show contrast, invoke an emotion, and to work with lines. I believe I accomplished all three to some degree. I do some things I may change the next time I capture this place.

Steadily, I am seeing an improvement in my photography and art in general. It’s an exciting thing to noice especially when you pour everything into your crafts.

D30 – Up To You and No One else

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

LRM_20180126_121102-1-016 mile walk which was killer on my feet and back. However, I accomplished a lot and got a lot of thinking done. There’s nothing like walking long distances to clear your mind and make decisions. I am developing into a more decisive man and a man of action. Taking everyday slowly and will continue to push myself.

This photo represents care hence the sign to the right. You have to take care of yourself and what you love. I really loved the lighting of the place and wanted to figure out a good way to capture an interior like this. So far this is my best attempt at it. I will continue to try and to experiment in the future.

Day 11 – Courage

black and white photography, interior architecture


I’m an anti-social/shy man who has a hard time dealing with people. It is something I have worked on in the past few years. Recently, with me walking in the morning I have been able to communicate with strangers on a frequent basis. As an introvert small talk is as difficult as doing rocket science. No matter how much we study it doesn’t always work it. I simply say “Good Morning” or “Have a nice day” with this two sayings I have been able to break out of my shell. However, most days I simply don’t feel like dealing with people but I still manage to go outside and walk.

This photo is apart of a therapeutic photography project I have been doing for a while and it is apart of my artistic style. Basically, it represents the desire to  get out but darkness surrounds us and will drown us as soon as we come back into the house. I am proud of this photo despite how simple it is. I love my work and will continue to work on my photographic work.

Have fun,


D10 – Confidence

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

DSC05313-01.jpegExploring with confidence as I play with shadows on the 10th day of this year. So far, this year hasn’t been that bad. I can actually say it’s been good and I have been able to accomplish a few things already.

Today, I was able to explore somewhere new and allowed myself to get lost but not too lost. Captured many new subjects that I can’t wait to edit but that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now I have a long list of things to do before I hit the hay.

Anyway, this photo is of an interior in a college building. I was waiting for a long period of time and found a moment or three to capture this hall including the table and chairs. I’m working on darker projects thus black and white and the use of shadows. There are windows to the left that help lighten the photo enough to make it more interesting. I have a tilted photo of this same subject but it gives off an unsettling feeling due to the different angle.

Have a great week,


Day 7 – Failure

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

Yesterday, on day 7th I failed to upload a post. I will not make any excuses and will accept this L on my part. I was sad apart this mistake, however, I promised myself it would never happen again. I’ve failed so much in life already at 26 years old and sometimes it feels like its too much. Self-doubt still haunts me like calling a teacher mom or being embrassed in front of the class because of the way you talk. I’m stronger than ever before because I can destroy the bad dialogue shortly after it begins. It’s not all the way gone, but I am working so hard on it. Always remembering my motto, baby steps into giant strides.

This photo showcases recent failure as I go back to explore old subjects with a similar style of dark/neo-noir images. I do like heavy shadows and darkness, I may not always get it right but I am doing work that I love.

Baby steps into giant strides,


Natural frames with natural light

architecture photography, interior architecture

A frame within a frame featuring very little light. Working on a simple principle featuring things I normally take photos of but in a different way. I moved somewhere new and was inspired to capture it. It is very enjoyable to take photos even if some are bad, I will improve with each shot. My eyes are changing to suit my passions which helps me recognize better compositions.

Thinking about studying interior design a bit to better understand the inside of buildings. I will have to see if I can fit it into my schedule as taking photos, writing, other studying and doing social media is taking up all my time. I like the hustle but got to learn how to love it. Despite my struggles, I’m staying positive and not quitting even when the thought comes to mind. 

Stay true to who you truly are and never give up,


Have patience 


sometimes you have to just stand there waiting for the shot you want. With enough patience you may just get what you want. I was shooting pics and without realizing it this woman got into the shot perfectly. She didn’t seem to care that she was in the shot and just kept walking. I wanted to capture the hall and it’s unique colors. I love the yellow that shines when I walk through this place.

This was done with my Cybershot on a rare rainy day. Should have brought a plastic bag to cover my camera. Diy baby:)

Be forever creative,


Self knowledge 

architecture photography, interior architecture

This shot was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3 in a library i’m often in. We always have to improve thus we always need to read and acquire knowledge.

Knowledge is truly power, only the truly self educated can rise to the top of their craft. You must also know who you truly are and that takes self-knowledge. It may take a while but you will understand.

I got a new “baby” today, was given a Pentax me super and three lenses. It’s another film camera, it seems like I’m always receiving new cameras. I have to dust it off and clean the lenses then research the camera. It’s enjoyable work😃

Have a good time and read something,


Light hall

architecture photography, interior architecture

Had fun exploring new places especially places with good lighting. Caught this with my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the afternoon.

Wanted to capture the lighting and reflective floor plus the details of the brick wall. Trying to display the grittiness of life that I see. Been studying photography and taking pictureslike crazy. I improving by at least 1% everyday. I’m starting to see things better which shows the results of my daily training. 

I’m having so much fun!Never going to stop.

Have fun:)