I never expected to capture this shot when I arrived downtown. I simply was capturing the Tower Bridge and the sunset. I am glad I got this shot, I love the darkness of the water and how the boat stands out. As if it is forever frozen yet in the shot it looks like it is still moving. 

I don’t judge my subjects I just capture. I capture things in the moment and sometimes people fail to realize a missed subject. Someone thought it was pretty weird for me to take photos of a burned shed. I did it anyway despite her judging eyes. I don’t care what the world thinks I do photography for myself. I have subjects I want to show and stories I want to write. If my heart is not in my work then I have no reason to do it. That’s the kind of person I am, my art is myself. If I can help others on the way then so be it. I enjoy it hearing or see tears fall or smiles crack as someone reads or views my work. Changes are happening and it’s now or never. 

Go for broke,



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