D95 – Depth

nature photography, street photography


Explored a new area and captured this shot as a reminder. I’m saying away from nature shots to do more street photography. I do take the occasional nature shot when I see something interesting or want to tell a story. The clouds really do it for me in this shot. They are a nice fluffy white that reflects well on the surface. It’s not a straight on shot which is something I’m trying to do more of so my shots have better depth.

Writing more and more, I worry about starting but when I start I don’t want to stop. Wrote a one page script and a short story yesterday. Going to be writing another script, a short story, and try my hand at copywriting. Writing is a love of mine, it’s something that I’ve done for a long time. I’m not the best nor does it always make sense but I love to do it. I’m working hard to improve my writing everyday.

Going to be doing a 30 day challenge where I have to write one script a day, one short story, and whatever else comes to mind. The only way to get better is to add mileage to my pencil.

That’s all for now. Peace,


D56 – Clueless Foundation

black and white photography, nature, nature photography


Experimenting with flowers early in the morning. You must have a solid foundation before you go onto the beauty that you will build upon your base. It’s a process I am working on diligently every single day.

I failed a lot but I have micro success that help me keep going. I’m happy and motivated to get this crazy train called life moving along on a path that I build with my bare hands.



D48 – Experience

nature photography, sky


Had a great day pushing myself to the physical limit. However, I explored the mental aspect of life as well. I walked four miles + and had a lot of time to think and explore my desires. Afterwards, had a great time meeting up with a friend. We discussed politics, philosophy and psychology. It got me to think deeply about everything and I found the answers but I have to still explore to find the proper solutions for each problem I have.

Keeping it simple and ending it here.

Have a great life,


D42 – Droplets of Happiness

black and white photography, nature photography


Editing more and more photos, trying to get better at my craft. The more I edit the more that I like it and find myself getting lost in the process. This photo simply came out of my obsessive need to capture flowers in certain stages. This shot was done early in the morning on a college campus. I was able to make the droplets stand out better than usual. I’m quite proud of this photo even if I can see how I would approach it differently the next time I took a shot like this.I don’t know about flowers in general, I simply capture them in no stereotypical ways. This stems from my first and currently only photography class I’ve taken when the teacher forbid us to take photos of flowers unless they were dead. This barrier actually fits my style better than if I took a photo of a healthy red rose.

Progressing into doing videos as well. Currently, I’m studying up on film-making in general mainly through YouTube, watching films, and shooting videos. I have a lot of video editing to do as well. Tomorrow will be an editing day and hopefully I’ll get a lot done. Been studying psychology, I’m still learning the basics of it through a used textbook. I’m really enjoying it even though it can be difficult to understand at times. I find myself understanding the more I read and review.  Overall, I am enjoying life more and taking one day at a day. This helped me out a lot mentally and hopefully will continue to do so.

Explore the world,


D12- Born to…

Industrial photography, nature, nature photography

DSC05443-01I’ve asked myself the question “what was I born to do?” a lot. However, it’s hard to come up with a single thing. Whatever I choose is broad. I love photography, writing, films, and basketball. I thought I would have to keep them separate. Through walks and meditation as well as long talks with myself (not crazy) I decided to adopt them all into one. I haven’t worked everything out but I’m adopted the title of story teller rather than a specific job title. I can’t pick one I know my life would be hell if I had to choose.

This shot was one I took as I explored my photography and the paths I can take in life.

Live well,


Day 4: Exploring Art

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

Fully explored my art and even asked someone to critique my work. I was a lot less defensive than I used to be and the critic gave me good feedback that was unbiased. I learned a lot and some things I didn’t realize were pointed out to me. I took the criticism well and I feel like I took another baby step towards where I want to be in life and who I truly am.

This photo showcases a body of water that is decreasing. I always walk past it and take a photo of it everyday to record the amount of water. I also like the reflection it shows off. I am going to explore darker works and experiment with my art in general more. Today, was a great day and I hope I have many more.

Live free and live while you are young,



architecture photography, black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

I Street bridge in Sacramento, CA. Built in the early 1900s and has been beautiful ever since. I love the area around it as well, it’s perfect for riding bikes and photo walks. You can see a lot of buildings that have been around for a long time. It’s also very close to old Sacramento. I love these kind of moments and hope to capture more shots in this area. 

Love the process of growth,