Another shot on the beach, the horizon line isn’t perfect straight but I like that effect for this shot. Not my favorite shots nor my best but it gets what I sought to do right and that is to capture a moment and to tell a story. Was carefully examining the area around me and captured whatever caught my eye. I waited and experimented with different shots as one should. It was a freeing experience to stand there taking photos of the beautiful water and the interesting people near it.

I will not fail today! I’ve been up since three am and worked for 8 hours then spent 8 hours hanging out with my friends. It was pretty nice day too (besides the heat). I noticed some improvements in verbal communication as I was able to get my point across sooner and spoke clearer. So it’s a nice little step that I have to keep on improving. It does hurt a bit when I fail at communicating properly but I do my best to kill the negative and use the failure as an opportunity to reflect and learn from my mistakes. so I’m not doomed to repeat them.

Had a nice day with my friends, it’s been a while since we stayed out late. We at some pretty good food, traveled a bit to explore new stores and spent a few hours on top of a parking lot just talking. These are some truly fun moments and I really would like them to continue longer but we all have responsibilities. We share a bit and listen a bit. We learn from each other and we can have open discussions about anything. It’s really good for my mental game and gives me the chance to work on some of my weaknesses.

I will share photos of this eight hour journey with my two best friends later. For now, however, I will have to cut it short. I could write longer but I must rest or I’ll stay up the whole night drown in conflicting thoughts. I am proud of this short post but will continue to write longer posts and give my all to my craft.

Peace and sweet dreams,



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