Took this shot at Bodega, CA in my hotel room. The room was pretty spacious but my favorite feature was this window. Me and my friend realized we could have done much more with the window as a prop but that wasn’t until we were on our way home.

I like the emotion on my friend’s face present in his facial expression. I’m working on a photographic short film on alcoholism. My friend was gracious enough to pose for me for these shots and I’m thankful that he is willing to listen to my directions and/or rants.

For a while, I was feeling like sh*t. I’m starting to work more on my mental and physical health. Taking time to understand why I have certain problems and once I have that narrowed down, I am working on fixing those problems. So far it’s going decently…I haven’t been creating at all but that starts with this blog. I have my own goals for this place and it’s generally the start of my creative process for the day. I will be re-designing the website and trying to become a better blogger and photographer.

Have a good day,



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