A close-up shot of my friend on the soft beaches of Bodega Bay, California. I enjoyed this shot as it shows my progress as an editor. My friend has moles on one side of his face and I was able to edit them out through Lightroom. I think I did a decent job but I am excited to learn more about editing photography. It’s a good step in the right direction.

What do you think? Did I do an okay job at editing out his moles?

I watched an 18 minute Skillshare video and the only thing I learned from it was how to use the healing tool in Lightoom. I am struggling to find a good photography course on editing and portraits on Skillshare that fits my style or at least keep my attention. Hanging in there the best that I can. I am motivated more than ever to keep pursuing my joys in life.

First conquer Lightroom then Photoshop! First conquer light then portrait photography!


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