Be careful on what you use and how you dispose of it after it’s use has been depleted. We need to take care of the places we go to. Before we tranish that place forever. 

I love the texture that the ground gives off and how the phone seems to come alive.

What is your why? 

On a Wednesday morning decided to take shots as I waited for a class to start. I enjoy capturing the temporary buildings around the courts as they show age and a lot of detail that most people simply walk past.

This was taken with my Cybershot sometime around 10am with shadows in mind. I loved the sky on that day as it was beautifully clouded.

What is the reason you wake up? What are your reasons for doing what you do? What’s your why? Do you even know the meanings behind you why? If not I suggest diving deep into your mind to find these answer.

What’s your why? Mine is the passion to tell stories through capturing moments because it’s what makes me feel good and it’s something I can offer that helps others.

Have a great day go Raiders,