Day 44

architecture photography, black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography


Just going out there and seeing what I can do. I took this photo a while ago but recently edited it. The focus is yellow and the grittiness of the light rail. It’s a simple shot that I enjoy. I am aiming to simply create things I want to do, even if no one checks the photos out or this blog. Every piece of art is a hit or miss, instead of feeling down I use this as a little gas for motivating myself to go further and create even more.

Just going to keep it simple today with the little insight of my life. I’m exploring my options and problems to come up with the right decisions for me. I’m planning with my mind on many steps ahead so I never lose sight of where I truly want to be. So basically, I’m investing in the long term even if I have to struggle now. That’s it for now, back to editing.

Always speak from your heart without guilt or shame,


Day 37 – Time

black and white photography, street photography


Daring myself to explore different genres of photography and to be more courageous. This photo is a step towards positive progress. I will continue to explore street photography and explore new areas.

Been hitting the books and the streets rather than consuming media. Exploring my mind and actions to understand who I am and how I tick. I’m happy with the progress but I am not satisfied. I’m hungry and that is a wonderful thing. It’s keeping me motivated on what I am doing.

Stay focused,


One more track

architecture photography, black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

Enjoying life on a beautiful day, took this shot while the light rail was stopped. I enjoyed experimenting with capturing the light rail as it was harder than I thought it would be.

Challenge yourself and have fun,


Exploring streets

street photography

Was on a journey to find some food to eat after some good tennis. Me and my tennis partner got some Vietnamese sandwiches. They were quite good, I’m always willing to try new things not just with creative outlets. 

I’m always exploring, always willing to walk as well. Have been working on taking shots while in a vehicle(when I’m the passenger) as well. This was taken as I was walking, didn’t spend a whole lot of time shooting this subject as I would hold up traffic. I did however envision the shot before I got the chance to capture it. Which everyone should do. 

Have a great day,