Keep moving don’t stop

architecture photography, street photography

We need to keep moving in order to be anything in life. We are meant to keep moving. If you suddenly just stop you are quitting on yourself because of you circumstances. Life gets in the way but we can just go around our problems and fix them as we move. 

This shot was meant to convey stuck in the way. No matter what comes into your path there is always a way to get around it. Just never stop or you will drown in a life you swore you would never have.

Taken with my Cybershot around 9 in the morning. 

I’m never stopping,


Up on the hill


Such a beautiful day, was getting ready to use the tennis wall to practice my backhand and overall technique. I saw this hill and got an urge to capture it. 

We have to take a moment to truly see what’s around us and appreciate it. Follow the path you fear as you will see that it will let you become the strongest version of yourself.

Stay beautiful,