D15- Failure is Natural but Regret is Stupid

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography


Exploring the world and experiencing life will cause the title of this post to be true. It’s something I’ve learned from my philosophical studies from stoicism.

You just go on even when the world starts to fade and there’s no sign to point you in the right direction. You just have to close your eyes take a moment to gather yourself and come to the realization that there is nothing to fear. Embrace the darkness and allow yourself to see the light of living. There is something pointing you in the right direction. You have to simply start to walk and eventually you’ll run and run until the come days that darkness surrounds you forever.

This photo represents what I just mentioned. I was exploring somewhere new and found a new path to capture. It’s as simple as that, I enjoy the discovery process and have come to terms with becoming a master of a few rather than one. I like this photo for the feeling it gives and for it’s light.

Dare to experience life,


D13 – Human Nature

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

DSC05448-01Daring myself to get lost in nature and simply breathe and think. Exploring has helped me further understand myself and my crafts. I enjoy being in nature without a care or any pressure to be anywhere. It’s a perfect place to slow down and smell the flowers.

This photo represents the paths I can take and the one I am currently on. Something is telling me to stray from my path, but I am keeping my head up and exploring the path I’m making. Not following instead I am making my path. This photo is another one I am proud of, I am thinking of adding a hint of blue in the shot. Will continue to experiment everyday.

Live hard,


Embrace life


Sometimes all we need is a fresh breath of air. Getting out and embracing nature is one way to positively affect our mind and body. We live such fast pace lives that we neglect our own health or ignore the beauty right under our noses.

This was taken with my Cybershot as i was walking and talking with my sister. It was a good day and got a lot of cardio in. We walked for about 2 miles while trying to take cover from the blazing heat. Ran into a nice biker and truly enjoyed the walk.

Embrace nature and clear your mind of negativity. Focus on what you can control.