Day 1 – Reflection

black and white photography, street photography

Was playing around while waiting for my food to be served. Saw that a beer sign was reflecting on my phone and I snapped a shot with my d3300. I failed again so I restarted as I know I was not in the right place to blog last night.

I went to San Francisco yesterday and spent four hours in Japantown spending my check away. Before we stood in line for my first ever concert: Babymetal with Avatar at the Warfield. It was an awesome show, I loved the experience and hope to be again to see both bands again in the future. I will write an more in-depth post about the concert tomorrow when I get off work. Working hard on myself and saying yes to new situations.




black and white photography, street photography

Be careful on what you use and how you dispose of it after it’s use has been depleted. We need to take care of the places we go to. Before we tranish that place forever. 

I love the texture that the ground gives off and how the phone seems to come alive.