Be Different

black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

I love taking shots of subjects that don’t “move”. I grew up taking shots like this and never sought to capture things that are extremely popular subjects to take photos of. I don’t try to be different, I just am. Instead of trying hard to be different just be yourself. 

Stay true to who you truly are,


Exploring streets

street photography

Was on a journey to find some food to eat after some good tennis. Me and my tennis partner got some Vietnamese sandwiches. They were quite good, I’m always willing to try new things not just with creative outlets. 

I’m always exploring, always willing to walk as well. Have been working on taking shots while in a vehicle(when I’m the passenger) as well. This was taken as I was walking, didn’t spend a whole lot of time shooting this subject as I would hold up traffic. I did however envision the shot before I got the chance to capture it. Which everyone should do. 

Have a great day,