Commit to it and capture the shot you want 

architecture photography, interior architecture

You have to take pictures that you want to take. At times if you have a client they may want you to take a shot you don’t want to take. It’s okay to satisfy the clients desires but show them your way as well. Give them more than one option and show them pictures you desired to take. You never know they may like your ideas more than theirs. 

You have to be committed to the shot, you may have to stand there to capture the right shot. You may have to wait for someone to walk into the frame. It takes patience sometimes to make a great photograph.

This shot was taken with my Cybershot in the afternoon. I like looking at this hall. The floor is very reflective, there’s wall art, straight lines in different angles. I sat there and took a few shots until I felt like it was right. 

Commit to excellence!


3peat: Keep going until you get it right

architecture photography

I keep taking shots of this building as I want to capture it different ways each time. I was standing there looking and shooting. When I noticed someone waiting for me to stop. I told it’s okay to go into the building. He smiled and walked on. He was polite, he was able to help me capture a new photo. I enjoy his shadow and the buildings reflective surface. 

This was done with my Cybershot. Been using it everyday and taking it to school with me everyday even when I have tennis. 

Moral of the story is to keep shooting until you get it right. Sometimes it takes more than one visit. Truly explore your subject and you’ll find new and interesting aspects of it.

Have a great time living,


Light hall

architecture photography, interior architecture

Had fun exploring new places especially places with good lighting. Caught this with my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the afternoon.

Wanted to capture the lighting and reflective floor plus the details of the brick wall. Trying to display the grittiness of life that I see. Been studying photography and taking pictureslike crazy. I improving by at least 1% everyday. I’m starting to see things better which shows the results of my daily training. 

I’m having so much fun!Never going to stop.

Have fun:)