Full metal photography 

Industrial photography

I take a lot of photos of industrial subjects. Due to where I live and where I go its easy to capture them. I enjoy the coldness and general shape of various machines. Someone once said I wrote like a robot as I tend to have a hard time to express my emotions. 

I’m a little better but still have a ways to go. Anyway, I got the idea to fuse machines and people in my photography thus steam punk came into my mind. Steam punk is gritty, it’s fantasy plus realism, it’s creative, and fuses several of my interests. Now I just have to discover the path to realize that idea. 

This was taken with my Cybershot before my tennis class started. I hoped to capture the grittiness and age of the subject. 

Been in the mood to watch full metal panic a lot. 

Not a problem!


It’s all in the detail¬†

Industrial photography, sky

I love the detail that old machines or other industrial material. There’s a lot of character in aged material. Its heightened if the subject is shot in the right angle. I walk around a lot, I take photos of things people ignore. I get a lot of odd looks due to this but I don’t really care. I get lost with my camera, I take the shots I want and sometimes I go back if I discover something new in the previous shots I took. 

Im learning more and more about myself and photography everyday. So I am improving every single day. I’m obsessed with my craft, I’m going all out to do what I love ad should you.

This was shot with my Cybershot around 7pm. I loved how the rust made the object looked. I want to bring attention to the beauty of life. 

Pay attention to the details and you will discover new things,