The Comeback

black and white photography, street photography


I was making my rounds around the tennis courts, when I spotted a dead ball on the side. I didn’t alter the position of the tennis ball at all. I don’t like to alter subjects unless they are alive. So often or not, my shots could be better by moving the subject. I make it harder for myself to capture a shot without in the state that I found it. I enjoy the leading lines that are not straight, it adds a little more depth to the shot.

Been working on improving my craft and myself in the process. I walk two miles everyday in the morning before I come home and just work my ass off trying to make something happen. I’ve been able to find an opportunity to start writing for another site which I am still in the trial period for. I’m exploring more options to give myself more responsibility so I can live life again. Baby steps into giant strides.

Going to be more consistent with my posts. Peace,

Day 98 – Closer

black and white photography, sports, street photography


This shot was accomplished after many bouts of trial and error on a decent day. My current camera’s ability to capture things in motion is questionable at best. So I had to take many shots before it come out just right.

I’m exploring myself by trying to analyze myself from a neutral mindset as if I was analyzing another person. Its quite challenging but I am getting results.

That’s it for today, I need to rest up as I’m under the weather again. Peace,


D97 – Choices

black and white photography, Industrial photography, sports, street photography


Took this before playing some tennis. This is my schools batting cages. This area is hardly ever cleaned. I  love this shot as it is simple and combines three passions of mine: Sport, architecture, and photography. I love basketball more than tennis, however, I would have to choose tennis to pursue playing as it is easier on my body. Plus I’m only 5’9 which doesn’t help in either sport. I do play hard in both sports and would love to play on a basketball team. I just pursuing tennis as more favorable to me in the long run.

Did a lot today but I still have a lot more to do. I wasn’t able to do everything that I wanted to do, but there is still time before midnight. I’m narrowing my focus and cutting off things that don’t really help me in the long run. Also will be limiting my entertainment which I have done to a certain point which has be being more productive. Going to focus on storytelling (photography, filmmaking, writing) and fitness. I’m interested in being a traveling photography and filmmaker while also pursuing sports coaching or at least get a certificate to coach athletes one on one. I can find ways to combine both storytelling and fitness, it will be a long progress but will be truly worth it.

Combine what you love if you are lost,


Day 84 – Float

black and white photography, street photography


Caught this today on my daily walk when I looked down and the puddles as I came closer. I’ve taken a few shots like this before but this time the leaf is submerged into the water with the stem sticking out. Plus the sky was a beautiful blue with a good amount of clouds which helps this shot stand out more. I love the loneliness feeling this shot gives off. It’s really relevant to what I’ve gone through in the past. I will continue to explore this world and take the photos that I want to take.

Today, I was able to do more earlier and was more productive than normal. I am loving the process as I am feeling so much better than I did last week. Sure, there are areas that I still need to improve. I’m working on a lot of things and transforming bad habits with good ones. I’ve been practicing meditation right after I wake up. It has helped me be less distracted, have better control of my breath and allows me to think.

I’ve discovered some more things about myself that I will examine and relay in the future. Right now I am focused on dedicating myself to my craft and to self development. Not the motivational speeches but by putting in work mentally and physically. I’m awakening to my potential and I will not allow myself to waste my life. I will win because I can and I must.

Reflect on the you now,


Shadows of Doubt

black and white photography, sports

Will it go in or will she commit another fault? The shadows hide her face as she ponders this. Caught the ball as she was bouncing it. I felt like this shot would be better in black and white to convey doubt. The other players face is too far away, but he ponders the same question. I believe you need to breathe and simply focus on the task at hand. Forget the last shot and keep going. 

Pose of Victory

black and white photography, sports

A tennis player showcases how he slices the ball. When it does it, it’s a pain to hit because you have to guess how the ball will land. We took a tennis class together, so I was able to see his grow from the beginning. I may edit this photo, I’m still experimenting since I want to improve as an artist in general. I’m still new to action photography, but whenever I am not playing I am capturing my friends playing.