Was waiting to leave when I turned back and saw this building lit up. It’s something different, I had my Cybershot so I was able to dull the lighting. I really enjoy taking night shots especially when I am in a safe place. 

I believe photography is trial and error. I’ve taken so many night shots in my past that I feel like I am understanding what works and doesn’t work artistically and gear wise. I love being able to see how I improve. I look back at old photos like an artist looks at their work from years ago. I dont cringe but rather I still understand why I took each shot. 

I pick out things that I could improve on and things that I often use in my shots like a particular subject or eye height. I suggest you try night photography whenever you can and don’t be afraid to keep your photos. You will improve, it’s all trial and error. 

Have a great night,



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