This photo is of a wall with a lot of vines that I wanted to capture and make black in white to feature a darker subject. The idea was to create a “gothic” image. I was influenced by Tim Burton movies, Casper, and old Scooby Doo episodes. I am trying to experiment and showcase these interests/influences while creating my own style. It’s a work of progress that I seem to be enjoying a lot more now that I made some changes with my approach to photography.

I’m glad that I didn’t make the sky look white as I enjoy the darker sky. It helps to create the overall mood of the shot, a white background would make it seem too conflicting. I like this photo more by simply discussing it. I’m learning how to be more critical about my work and how to understand what I truly want to create. Baby steps into giant strides.

Have courage to press the shutter and explore your influences,



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