A simple shot I took as me and my friend walked to Chinatown in San Francisco during our most recent trip. I was experimenting with low light and shadows. My friend is gracious enough to put up with my constant photo taking nature. He knows that I love to do photography and accepts that is a part of me. I have some good friends!

In 21 days, I will be traveling to San Francisco again. Hopefully with my two best friends. I’ve decided to challenge myself to change. So for 21 days I will not do some of the negative habits that I sadly keep doing. I will also be doing positive activities to replace the negative ones. I will be blogging everyday, doing 30 pushups, walk 1 mile after work, draw digitally for five minutes, will be giving up certain foods, etc.

It will truly be challenging but I can’t change my life until I work on myself.

Peace and may you challenge yourself daily,



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