One of my better portraits that I took on the first trip of 2020 in January. I like the shadows on my friend’s face as we walk further onto the Golden Gate Bridge. I like the imperfectness of this show. The focus is on the subjects face as I did a good job with blurring out the background. I’m still getting used to taking portraits but hopefully can do so soon.

I’m a photographer and a writer but I haven’t done much of both lately. I took my camera out today to test out my new lens but that’s the first time in weeks. I do edit photos regularly so I can share them on this blog. Might need to finally get off my ass and design my room to better suit my endeavors. Will be going on more photo walks and hopping on my motorcycle to go places.

Writing-wise, all I’ve been doing is writing for this blog and occasionally writing scenarios. If I want to both fields apart of my career I’m going to have to cut the shit out and get to work. The hardest part is starting but I truly love both fields so it’s time that I reflect that with my life. I’m determined to do so as I feel that if i don’t I will never truly be happy with where I’m at in life.

For now, I will be working structuring my posts better, writing, photography, fitness, Japanese, and investing. So I should never have a dull moment.

Pursue your happiness,



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