Walking Tall

Doing what I’m suppose to do. I am having a hard time balancing passions, work, and college. I need to work on my body more so I can physically do more. It’s a real challenge since I’m on my feet 100% of the time at work and constantly moving. It does help me so inContinue reading “Walking Tall”

Endless Dedication

Gotta Take the Shot To get anywhere in life, you must take a shot at whatever you are trying to do. “You miss every shot you don’t take”. It takes dedication to the craft as much Michael Jordan and basketball or Al Pacino and acting. It may not happen over night, but at some pointContinue reading “Endless Dedication”

When Money Comes More Choices Follow

When to Go? I’m looking at my situation from a different angle than normal. Hence this photo taken at a low angle. This Hall receives a lot of traffic but not once have I seen bend down and take a shot in this building besides myself. Anyway, I enjoy the interior design of this building.Continue reading “When Money Comes More Choices Follow”


I love the architecture at and around Sacramento City College. I love going there when there’s not a lot of people and just snapping away. Whenever I have my camera with me I often take a few shots of a subject from different angles. It was a bit difficult to fit the whole building intoContinue reading “Reflection”

D93 – Going Slow

Went to my college for the first time in a while. Caught this after playing tennis and I was thankful that this place was open during spring break. Had some chest problems today so I kept it slow today. I walked to the library and back plus a quick cardio exercise. I’m feeling better butContinue reading “D93 – Going Slow”

D65 – Fake Hustle

I realized that I am making a lot of changes in my life but I found that I was content. I can’t be content there is more to change and to do. I am creating more but it’s not enough to label it as truly productive. I’m still not giving it my 100% effort. SomeoneContinue reading “D65 – Fake Hustle”

D62 – Unconventional Day

┬áTesting what I can do and how I could show a subject I’ve taken before in a different angle/light. I used to follow the principles but they should be at least treated as guidelines rather than set rules as you can break them. Walked 7+ miles today, I really pushed myself, however, my body wasn’tContinue reading “D62 – Unconventional Day”

D57 – Getting There

┬áMy path seems to be clear but at the same time I can’t see it until I walk further ahead. It’s challenging but it must be done to truly become the best version of myself. Still trying to find my uniform but not letting anything stop me from walking forward. This photo was taken onContinue reading “D57 – Getting There”