DSC00265-01.jpegI realized that I am making a lot of changes in my life but I found that I was content. I can’t be content there is more to change and to do. I am creating more but it’s not enough to label it as truly productive. I’m still not giving it my 100% effort. Someone called me out on it and I have accepted that I have been lazy and a bit of a dreamer. I’m slowly changing, but I’m picking up the pace to make sure my changes will last until I have to change again for the better.

Gotta keep moving which is why I took this photo. You have to move on from the past, get away from the present and move to the future you want. Everyday counts, everything you do must not be in vain or a short term pleasure.

I’m moving and I swear on everything I love that I will have the future that I want.

Go with love,



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