Faith in Yourself

Blazing a new path in life through trial and error. Breaking old habits to glue together some better ones before I send myself to own personal hell. I don’t have faith in a higher power, I have faith in myself. I believe that I will win the fight against myself and soar in the skiesContinue reading “Faith in Yourself”

121 Long Walk

Captured this little guy while on a journey of my own. I don’t take a lot of shots of living creatures besides humans. I saw this snail moving in the street towards something. I will never know where it was going but it doesn’t matter. I’m exploring new subjects everyday and seeing how I canContinue reading “121 Long Walk”

107 – no Ippo

Simple nature shot that I took on a 5 mile walk. I enjoyed taking this shot as it was a peaceful place. It was just a practice shot in a way. I see my mistake as the subject on the right stands out but my eye tends to go to the water. That could justContinue reading “107 – no Ippo”

D65 – Fake Hustle

I realized that I am making a lot of changes in my life but I found that I was content. I can’t be content there is more to change and to do. I am creating more but it’s not enough to label it as truly productive. I’m still not giving it my 100% effort. SomeoneContinue reading “D65 – Fake Hustle”

D59 – Solid

Got to have a solid foundation before you out anything on top of it. I was exploring the areas around my stomping grounds and was thinking of concepts. I discovered how the shadows were hitting the cinder blocks and captured it from a different angle. I like how harsh the shadows are and the detailsContinue reading “D59 – Solid”

Day 50 – Love: Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Exploring myself and digging to the bare bones of what I am doing and why. Developing my reason why for doing these things is difficult but its a process. You have to get up and put you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. You have to push yourself to the brink and do theContinue reading “Day 50 – Love: Make Yourself Uncomfortable”

D47 – Reality: Into the Unknown

This photo was taken on a foggy morning on a bike path that I normally walk down. I like how the fog further helps me to not know what is around the corner even more. I keep to the right side to avoid the cyclists and the fog is clear enough to see anyone walkingContinue reading “D47 – Reality: Into the Unknown”

D46 – Fail and Fail again

A truly challenging day mentally as I continue to reach deep down to discover the truths that only I can search for and find. This photo came to fruition as I was walking on a path frequented by retirees and cyclists. No one got in my way nor bothered me as I took shots. IContinue reading “D46 – Fail and Fail again”

Day 43 – Start

┬áHad a great day realizing what weakness of mine that I needed to work on. At times I take things too seriously and can say some things in the wrong tone. Working to rid myself of that weakness and speak from an open and honest heart while not attacking anyone. This photo is my attemptContinue reading “Day 43 – Start”