House or home?


Moment in time captured with my Sony Cybershot. I was in a new area and liked the design of the house. It was a quiet neighborhood with no real traffic.

With this kind of photography you can never tell what is happening inside the subject you capture. Is it simply a house or is it a home? Who lives there, etc. So many unanswered questions but you cant drown in them. Capture your thoughts with the photograph.

Reminded of the 2pac song “Happy Home”. Have a great day and I hope you find your place, 


Morning play


Waiting for class to start so I decided to take some shots. It took me a while to get the building straight. Took it with my Galaxy S3 while sweating under the morning sun. 

This is a building near some tennis courts. Been trying new things like tennis and fashion photography. It’s best to do new things and discover new interests while you work hard on your true passions. 

Wanted to capture the building with soft shadows and keep the grittiness of the building and surrounding area.

Have fun😃


Light hall

architecture photography, interior architecture

Had fun exploring new places especially places with good lighting. Caught this with my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the afternoon.

Wanted to capture the lighting and reflective floor plus the details of the brick wall. Trying to display the grittiness of life that I see. Been studying photography and taking pictureslike crazy. I improving by at least 1% everyday. I’m starting to see things better which shows the results of my daily training. 

I’m having so much fun!Never going to stop.

Have fun:)



architecture photography

This is a shot of a church I used to pass a lot when I was a child. I took the shot from distance because I’ve never seen the building up close. I wanted to share how I have always seen the building. Thus the dark shadows included in the shot help me out.
I’ve been able to go back to places from my childhood which seems to do wonder for my mind. I’m now able to capture buildings that mean something to me. I hope to be able to capture even more before they are destroyed or redesigned.

This shot was done with my Cybershot. I’ve been using it even more I just have to carry extra batteries with me (it takes four). I simply love it because it gives me the opportunity to create my art and to show who I am truly are. 

Have fun!


A Black and White World

architecture photography, interior architecture

I love black and white art. Maybe it’s because of my racial heritage or it’s simply more pleasing to me than color. I have been falling in love with street art and all of the artwork I have seen recently were done in black and white. It’s a great way to convey emotion and to tell a story. I feel like color takes away from the story of a photograph unless it’s done right.

With this shot, I wanted to showcase the space that’s left untouched at a college. The bricks worked well with me so I was able to capture them well while not focusing on them. It make have been better if I made the square in the center brighter. But when I was taking the shot I wanted the focus to be on the lights. Somehow when I see spaces like this I don’t feel like it’s empty. No room is truly empty because I can always find something I can shoot. Even if it’s the bricks on the wall or the tiles on the floor. Never assume there’s nothing to shoot if there is no furniture or luxury items in a room.

One key element of good photography is to view the world differently than others. Take shots that other people wouldn’t. Through trial and error you will improve. Just keep shooting and keep studying. Study your past work , your current work, other photographers, and the principles of photography. Never stop learning and never lose yourself in praise or criticism. Keep your head up and steady. Keep your heart open and allow your eyes to explore.

I’m working on improving this blog with longer posts. I have to overcome some obstacles but I will make this place better one step at a time.

Have fun





Camera: Samsung Galaxy s3

In the “Zone”

interior architecture

I get lost whenever I hold a camera, I just want to walk and keep on walking for hours especially if the weather is nice. I get into my zone when I shoot, I never take a shot thinking of how someone will like it. I take what I think is beautiful and if I do think about what others think then I don’t take the shot. I’m not here to take shots to please others. I here to please myself and be able to show the world as I see it. I don’t allow myself to ever limit myself either. I never saw “I don’t shoot” that stuff. If someone asks me to take a portrait of them I will do it as it is another chance for me to get a camera in my hand. I mainly do architectural and street photography . The key word is “mainly” it doesn’t imply that I just focus on those two genres.

At some point I would love to work with more models in order to add even more human elements to my shots. I normally find moments when there is no one using the halls or walking into the buildings I shoot. I have been doing more portraits trying to develop my own style to it. I’m working very hard to learn everything I need to about photography. But the main way I learn is by doing. Photography is trial and error! You have to experience failures to grow and I have experienced a lot. But I don’t care as I see it as a way for me to grow. I love doing photography and I will continue it forever.

I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy S3, it was before I got my Cybershot. I want to return to this place and try this shot in a wide angle. I edited it to be black and white (I always shoot in color) because it looked better to me. I love playing with colors and using black and white.

I am working  on editing as well, which has been fun.

I hope you find your shot!