Hate’s End: Letting Go¬†

sky, street photography

For a long time I created my work with hatred and sadness. My poetry was able to convey every negative emotion that I bottled up everyday of my life. Maybe this is way my photography tends to be darker. Not in terms of subject matter but overall lighting. 
I would get comments like “you took the words out of my mouth” or “I wish I could say that”. I’ve posted my poetry on DeviantArt for years now and I’ve grown as a person and artist because of it. I really don’t care what others think. However, if I able to evoke emotion from someone then I’m happy. 

Today I simply wanted to write about my experience with hate. I had a lot of hate/anger towards my mom as I felt abandoned as a child. Would cry a lot at nights when I was younger wishing for the complete families like the ones on TV. 

I have trouble communicating verbally as I have a lisp and been the subject of bullying in the past. So creating artwork in any medium helps express myself without hearing backlash from the way I talk. Through art I have been able to let the hate go but in comes a new feeling. Will my work still be great if I don’t express anger or hatred even sadness? It’s an answer I must find within myself. 

I can’t promise that I won’t be sad in the future because that’s life. I am focusing on being a more positive individual thus I shall let hate go. Replace it with an attitude of I just dont care enough to hate and replace the thoughts with more positive messages. 

My passion is creation but my purpose is to stir up all the emotions and memories of your past and present inside of you to make you feel something. 

Someone tried to ruin my shot but I like it better. I told them to keep their hand up and I snapped away. The hand is letting go of negativity to truly live a life worth living. 

Be positive and smile,


A great Morning

nature, sky

I never want to be good I want to be great. I never have a goof day I strive for a great day. I have a commitment to myself to be excellent. I’m not average nor do I strive to be. I start my mornings with announcing to myself that I am great and I will go all out today. Finally I say I am grateful to see that sky once more. 

Don’t want to be average? Then don’t act like the average person. Aim higher and be great. Be the best version of yourself every single day. Don’t regret a moment so you can be happy when you no longer can see the sky. 

Took this near old sacramento, it is of the evening sky. Took it with my Cybershot that works when I truly need it to. Wanted to capture the beauty of life.

No regrets be great never good,


Life is a wonder so Let the cat be curious forever

nature, street photography

On a lovely Saturday evening as the sun goes down two creatives walk. Without a care we take shots and embrace nature through our photos. Curious about out surroundings we take shots we normally wouldn’t. Improving and expanding. 

Took this shot in an open field with my little sister. She used me for her model despite me being the photographer. It’s not something I normally do but I did it. It made improve as a photographer as I was able to out myself in my subjects shoes. It was something I feared but what was necessary for me to grow so I’m very thankful that I did it. 

Taken with my Cybershot at 7pm with wonderful light. 

May you be curious for life,