Courage to Change

architecture photography, black and white photography

My biggest phobia is tall buildings..I often imagine them falling down and sometimes they appear to be falling. Sometimes I’ll walk past one and think that I will get hit by a broken piece of roof from one of them. It’s silly I know but since I was a child I had this problem.

However, over time this fear has lessened to a degree.

I’ve been to San Francisco five times this year and each time I experienced new tall buildings. I’m from Sacramento, there’s not much here in terms of buildings like this one. On these trips, I’ve been able to slowly curb my fears and now I am much better. I believe it’s due to age and me working on my mental game. However, when I walked past this tall and highly decorative building I can’t think a piece of concrete was going to fall off and land on me. I fought my fears and kept on moving.

Instead of sinking in fear to my phobia, I challenged it head on by riding roller coasters, taking trips to larger cities, and simply breathing and not panicking.

Just alittle tidbit that I wanted to share.

“I think therefore I am”

Have fun,


Day 9 – Fear and Improvement

architecture photography

Was walking to Japantown when I captured this shot. I was practicing with my new filters and lens. I think I did a good job but I hope to continue to learn and improve as a photographer and writer.

I actually have a fear of heights. I hate looking up at tall buildings (10 floors and higher). I always think they are going to fall over. However, my fear of heights has improved. I don’t know if its getting better with age or if it is something else. Anyway, this shot shows some improvement in my condition.

Things are clicking but I need to do more. I’ll be spending a good amount of money tomorrow to invest into myself. I am focusing on health and career at the moment. Showing improvements in a few areas but I didn’t sleep last night so it was hard to focus so I took the rest of the day to basically recover.

More in depth post tomorrow. Enjoy the hustle!



My darkness

architecture photography, street photography

Playing with camera I lowered the settings to make it a little darker and the weather was just right to help darken my shot even more. I captured this with the right amount of darkness. I love taking shots like this, I love dark things as you probably would have guessed if you have seen my work before. This of an overpass as I went under it. It almost feels like I captured a brush stroke. 

My darkness is self doubt. When I upload to social media I think if my photography is good or if my poetry actually works on people. This leaves me creatively crushed with an self imposed block. I have to battle this feeling and keep fighting myself. I am taking it one step at a time. Keeping positive and eliminating negative thoughts. Everyday is a battle of understanding, self love and passion. 

Can you name your darkness?

Have fun,