Was walking to Japantown when I captured this shot. I was practicing with my new filters and lens. I think I did a good job but I hope to continue to learn and improve as a photographer and writer.

I actually have a fear of heights. I hate looking up at tall buildings (10 floors and higher). I always think they are going to fall over. However, my fear of heights has improved. I don’t know if its getting better with age or if it is something else. Anyway, this shot shows some improvement in my condition.

Things are clicking but I need to do more. I’ll be spending a good amount of money tomorrow to invest into myself. I am focusing on health and career at the moment. Showing improvements in a few areas but I didn’t sleep last night so it was hard to focus so I took the rest of the day to basically recover.

More in depth post tomorrow. Enjoy the hustle!




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