My friend kindly pours a cup of green tea for me as I take photos. It was starting to sprinkle as I took this so I couldn’t take too many shots. I really like how the water flows and all the little details in the shot. This was before we ate the Japanese sweets at the Japanese Tea Garden. I think I did a good job with composing the shot. Although, I may go back and crop the right side a little bit as I notice a little bit of a napkin appearing at the bottom right side. It’s nothing big but it irks me a bit.

Those hands belong to my friend, M, who became my friend two years ago after we took a tennis class together. He is my first real friend, he was kind enough to go to San Francisco with me twice and most likely a third time in August. It was thanks to him that my sense of humor has improved and its thanks to him that I’m not a total recluse. So I’m grateful to him.

I talk about how negative I feel about my current job but I obtained three friends. My friend, R, taught me how to ride a motorcycle and has spent a great deal of time with me outside of work. I introduced him to M and the two became friends as well. R did accompany us to San Francisco the first time. Hopefully, all three of us can go again. Shay is a recent friend of mine, who bonded with me over basketball. She is an older sister type that helps me out at work. Lastly, there’s TB who bonded with me after I asked him if he liked anime. I go over to his house often to eat dinner with his family and play video games.

Two to three years ago I decided to be more social which sparked my friendship with M which helped me be more outgoing. So I understand how to see small improvements and fully commit to something that terrifies me. My pursuit of increasing my social life has vastly improved. I’ve failure a lot but I am happy with where I am in my social life. It’s one aspect of my life that I don’t really need to improve besides maybe getting a girlfriend.

I failed a bit today but in failure I found some success. I was able to add a little more to my routine. I still haven’t launched my side hustles, I still have to do research and make a plan. I plan to do it tomorrow on my lunch break. Besides that, I really working on exercising, recovering, and shortening my after work nap. Once I can cut down on the naps, I will have a lot more time on my hands. I might be going on a motorcycle trip tomorrow so I will have to kind of cram things I want to do while I am at work. It will be a struggle, but it’s totally worth it.

So hopefully, I can make some results tomorrow. I’m not expecting to do everything but I expect to give my all to everything that I can find time for tomorrow.

Rest when you are done. Peace,



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