This on the ground of the California Academy of Sciences. Which had other cool statues as well. I liked the detail in this one especially the little on the top. Not my best shot but one I enjoy. I feel like I can improve on the background and center the statue. I will get my chance to retake this shot in August.

It was a pretty decent day, I was able to get somethings done. I failed a bit but still managed to get things done. I made sure when I got home from work I worked on my side hustle then took some time to rest. I’m still working on not taking naps after work. I may try to do some light strength training or yoga to see if that gives me an energy boost.

My weight is staying the same which is better than gaining. So I will change things up a bit and do compound exercises right before bed. I have to go to bed early when I have to go to work as I do work a 4am shift. It’s a part time gig, I work four days a week but this week will be working forty hours so I really have to maximize my time or I’ll get nothing done.

Work is still terrible but I am doing my best to continue to work hard while I am there. But I can tell that it’s time for me to move on. I have gotten some messages from potential employers but none of have been fruitful so far. Will continue to “pound the pavement” until I get a job that will be different. I’m thinking I will start two other side hustles tomorrow once I finish making the necessary plans and actions.

I entitled this post “Dreams” as I am aiming to achieve my dreams but breaking big goals into daily habits. I may not achieve everything that I want but I will damn sure die trying.

Quick and easy post tonight.

Stay safe and have fun,


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