Day 40 – Experiment

nature, Portrait photography


This photo was taken near seven pm in a field surrounded by a simple dullness the suburbs. I felt the field to be beautiful, I was used as a model for a few photos and also took photos of her in the field. It was the first time I worked with a “model”. It was a wonderful experience to learn from. I learned how to experiment with a short time amount of time. I enjoy the feeling of warmth from this photo. I took it a while ago but just edited it yesterday. I hope to be able to do much more people photography.

Go out and experiment,




September 11th is my birthday, I turned 25. Was going to have a baf day but it developed into a good one. The main reason was due to my change of thought. Today is the day I change. I will be the best version of myself and improve every day.

This shot was done with my Cybershot at 7pm. The model is my younger sister. I was just getting used to taking shots with a model outside of architectural photography. The best thing about having siblings is you have models that work for free.

Have a great dag