Passion is a business

architecture photography, sports, street photography

No matter what your passion is, it’s apart of someone’s business. Eventually most of us want to make our passions apart of our work/business. The thing is sometimes money gets in the way. You may not produce the work you dont like because the client likes it or you’ll simply do work for money. 

Or you may just lose your passion after being fired, laid off, etc. We must ask ourselves why we started our work and what our passion truly means to us. We can’t allow anyone to take our passions away from us. 

I’m a big time basketball fan and d-league hopeful. Recently, my hometown team traded a superstar calibur player. He came back here to say goodbye and it was amazing to see the emotion he exposed as he choked on his words. The team used him as an escape goat for all their problems but he is not letting that ruin his passion for playing basketball nor for helping the people of this city. 

I’m sure he told himself it’s just how we do business. No matter the odds never lose your passion and keep charging on.

This photo was taken in downtown Sacramento at night. I was about to get in my car when I turned around to see this. I uploaded a black and white image but today I show it without editing. I wanted to capture the spirit of the team and the hotel that was showing the teams logo on its side. I love the lights on the top and all the colors that don’t seem to be overbearing. I’m trying to evolve as an artist and photographer. I will be attempting not to make all my images black and white. It will be a challenge but one I must take to improve.

Aim higher than the moon,


Now or Never

sky, street photography

I came to the realization it’s now or never for me. I’m 25 years old the perfect deadline to achieve results. I would like to become an amateur professional athlete in basketball and tennis while doing photography and writing. Nothing I want to do for a career is a safe job so I might as well go all out. 

I can’t handle doing the 9 to 5 suit job. I need times where I can be moving around and I truly love the competitive games of tennis and basketball. I’m doing my best to develop the body and mind I need to become what I want. 

It’s really now or never I will tryout in 2017 for both teams. I have a long way to go but I’m excited. I’m motivated but most of all I’m dedicated. Now ot never is my motto now, life is too short waiting. 

“I can accept failure but I can’t accept bot trying” Michael Jordan.

Instead of pondering, tell yourself it’s now or never get your dreams going.

This was at downtown sacramento, I captured a dark shot of my sister staring out into the night sky. I feel the impression of deep thought which is what I wanted to express. I am working with models more and it’s something I enjoy much more than I thought. 

Go with a dedicated mind,