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Was making my home and noticed this little guy resting on a fence near an empty field. I captured many shots of this little critter. I like this shot a lot but I don’t believe it’s the best shot that I captured with this subject. I am simply exploring my photography skills and my camera.

Working on my career when I am not at my retail job. I am exploring what will help me in the future and what I can do now to create the future that I want. It’s hard but it is a worthy challenge. I have to remind myself of why I am doing all the things that I am doing and it helps me get through the difficult times(especially at the retail job).

I hope that my path beings to unblur, unlike this little guy.

Have fun,



Don’t be a victim

nature, sky, street photography

In modern society there are too many of us who take the victim mentality. We need to move away from that and act with purpose. Allow the wrong doings done to you to be fuel to your fire to achieve. Allow yourself to stand up and live. 

Fight for what you believe in and never allow yourself to cave into despair with a victim mentality. You will never truly be alive doing so. Protect yourself and your beliefs. 

This photo is from my street photography Instagram: davidrobbinfield. It was taken on a very foggy morning, saw a pray mantis and wanted to capture it’s pose the fog trying to consume everything around us. 

Be strong,