D90 – Push

black and white photography, street photography

IMG_20180323_123217-01.jpeg┬áNot religious at all but I found this graffiti to be interesting. I like how the shot came out after converting it to black and white. I don’t always showcase graffiti as I don’t want to support something that I don’t understand or is harmful. I found this graffiti to be not harmful so I captured the shot. It’s also an anti-pc statement in a way.

Walked 8+ miles today, I truly pushed myself. Going to be working hard to not fall asleep before I get a few more things done. Going to try to avoid walking as much as possible but I feel like I will be doing the opposite.

Had a lot of fun playing tennis and talking with my friend. We hang out at least once a month and we tend to push ourselves during tennis. We go out to eat and talk about everything from Asians, politics, philosophy to anime and manga. It’s nice to do that once in a while when I need a break from studying and working.

Kick back once in a while,


D78 – Living

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography

IMG_20180303_121602-01.jpegKeeping my head up to see the beauty of life. Worked hard by pushing myself past my limits. I enjoyed it now that I looked back to it. It hurt but I was able to overcome the pain. Trying to improve my stamina and endurance walking and playing basketball.

Going to have to focus on yoga and stretching as well in order to better condition my body and mind. Picking up meditation as a way to help me with my thoughts and allow me to practice breathing. Overall, today was a learning day and I still have much to learn before going to bed.

Have fun and explore beauty,