Experimenting with Drone Photography

A shot of the parking structure at Cosumnes River College. Was heading out with my friends when one of them allowed me to use their drone to shot some shots last year. I truly experimented with what kinds of shots that I wanted while still exploring the limitations of the drone itself. Wondering which directionContinue reading “Experimenting with Drone Photography”

Day 7 – Light the Night

I took this shot to experiment how well my camera handles very low light situations. It holds up pretty good but I need more practice. Did not nap today which is a high improvement. I simply kept moving as I dedicate myself to my purpose and journey. Hanging out my two best friends watching IPContinue reading “Day 7 – Light the Night”

Passion is a business

No matter what your passion is, it’s apart of someone’s business. Eventually most of us want to make our passions apart of our work/business. The thing is sometimes money gets in the way. You may not produce the work you dont like because the client likes it or you’ll simply do work for money.  OrContinue reading “Passion is a business”

A Beautiful Night

There’s nothing like staring up at the stars. Sadly, there wasn’t any that appeared due to the lights. But often when I am in the countryside or in phoenix I love to stare at the stars and truly think. It’s relaxing to me, It heloed me get through some pretty tough times when I wasContinue reading “A Beautiful Night”

Explore your world

I’m talking about the environment around you. Explore every depth of where you live even if you been there before. You may discover something new or something you always wanted to capturr but never had your camera. Never complain that you have nothing to shoot thats a damn lie. Shoot old subjects from different angles.Continue reading “Explore your world”