Street Garden

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography

Love the wind that blows

as I gaze upon the world 

thas beauty is seemly only known by me

discard the items of man that seek to destroy the beauty of life

I take the time as it is right

to protect the very thing called life


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We take life for granted

and spoil the things that keep us alive

We all look for life to go by

yet in the crucial moments we wish for more time

Instead of living in the fast lane

take it one minute at a time

slow down and enjoy the ride

take care of your life

and the nature by your side

Get moving and breathe 

Admire true beauty untouched by a selfish blade

as all looks fade

Live life on the wild side

yet don’t waste a single moment

Just go and do whats on your mind

This is your time

Searching for my Place

architecture photography, street photography

Traveling a dark path until I realize what should brighten it. The world is vast yet so small. It is ugly but beautiful. I explore where others are not brave enough to go. I challenge the man in the mirror first as he is the greatest foe. A fool am I, searching for what I already know. Capturing life with light, writing what I can’t say and creating for myself and the smiles and tears that make my day. 

I breathe to create, a god of his own kingdom. Taking nothing to form something.  It’s everything to me, I must create as I must be free. Or else I will truly be a shell of life. I reach for the sky not submitting to any force but my dreams.