Light study


Been experimenting with light at various times of day. Also been doing a lot of low key photography trying to adapt to using a flash. Even read a book on the use of light in photography. 

It was a raining day and I decided to take a photo of the window in my room. Its a simple shot that doesn’t show much except for the window and a slightly lit object on the right side. Maybe the photo is showing that I am only exposing a portion of my true self. 

Would love to do more shots like this. Simple but gets the point across. 

Find the answer for yourself,


Light in Your Life

architecture photography, interior architecture

We all need a little light in our life or we will forever succumb to the beautifully cold darkness. Some have more than others but that’s fine. It’s all about taking it one step at a time. You are not lost you may not see it but I’m sure there is a bit of light in your life. Sometimes it is right under our noses because we are looking too hard. 

What was lost can be found. Remember that.

I was just waiting at my grandmother’s house and decided to shoot the interior. The room is always dark thanks to the dark red color walls. I love it, it’s perfect for relaxing and my type of photography. I love blending light and dark together. 

Be consistent and smile,