A little red on a sunny day

architecture photography, sky

Roaming around in deep thought I captured this shot hoping to capture the character of the barn. At first it was too dark so I had to brighten it up and decided to keep the color rather than turn it into a black and white photo. The red really stands out thanks to the sky and the surrounding objects. 

Working with space and color on this one. 

Was taken with my Cybershot in the afternoon. I go all out in whatever I do so I’m always prepared. I always have a camera with me. I’m obsessed with my creativity and life in a good way aka I’m passionate. Are you?

Have a great day,


Capture the grittiness of life as you see it 


I love seeing the grittiness of life it’s beautiful in its own way. I think this are just too bright now even horror film. Everything is 100% clean but that’s not life. We all know that so I choose to capture the true beauty of life. Which is its imperfections that we normally walk past. 

Been venturing into doing street photography. I don’t live in a highly populated area thus I tend to spend more time admiring buildings, machines, etc.I am going out of my comfort zone to do more street and portrait photography. It’s the only way I can improve as a storyteller.

Do what you fear,