This is a shot that I don’t normally take but as me and my friends entered Japantown for the first time I took this. I will go back and try to fix the lighting in the editing process. To me, it’s a decent shot that can be improved with more practice. This was taken on our first trip to San Fran so I’ve improved a lot since then.

Today, after a long day at work. My and my friend rode our motorcycles around for a few hours and talked for a few hours. We headed towards my house and we switched bikes so I was able to ride a different kind of motorcycle. It was a pretty cool experience and thankfully a good day. But now it’s back to “real life” mode. NOt much occurred but my overall life has improved except for a few areas. I am working hard to embrace the changes to great success. I just need to go harder and give 100% focus.

Peace and sleep well,



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