Was eating at a restaurant called R’ice when I decided to take this shot. I really enjoyed this simple meal. I dont share that many food photographs but felt like it today.

Of course, it could also been that I was eating with my two friends. So that probably made the food a bit better. Spent the night at my friendshouse. Drank a bit then watched IP Man before going on a walk at midnight. It was a beautiful night and quite fun to explore at that time. We tried to order doordash but it was canceled because Dennys took too long to complete the order.

Today, I rested as I have a 4 to 1 shift tomorrow and want a good night of sleep.I was able to give total focus on the several tasks that I completed today. I will keep myself dedicated and disciplined to conquer everything I seek out to do.

Got work to do. So do you.




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