Walked four miles, played tennis, and ate some really good food today. Was able to treat a friend to a meal and got some nice frozen Greek yogurt. It was a nice change of pace from simply resting. However, today I will be having a rest day so my body can recover from work and tennis.

Got some good shots as well. Will be editing later today. Did some food and street photography. I normally don’t do food photography but decided to snap a few shots. Every shot is a learning process. I’m doing my best to learn as efficiency as I possibly can. Besides that, working hard at improving myself and my life.



Day 6 – Living

Not much to say today, so I thought I would upload a different kind of photography. I hardly ever take food photography but decided to do it since I never ate this meal before. This is from a local Vietnamese restaurant, Tay Giang here. I loved the food and the atmosphere of the place. The servers were great. I have a lot to learn about this type of food and food photography in general.

Have a great time and explore some good food,