A little tea and miso soup at the Jaoanese tea garden. I really enjoyed my time there and would like to go back someday. I tried to experiment with food/drink photography and I think I did a decent job.Me and friend walked about an hour and a half to the Japanese Tea Garden then about 20 minutes more to the beach. We had a whole lot of fun but our legs were sore and hurting. By the time we had to walk all the way back to Japantown then walk back to our hotel which was another 26 minutes. We walked a little more than 12 miles today.We are proud of that, we stayed our course and did not quit despite the pain. We did hit the pool which really helped. I’m resting now about to do some stretching and staying up as late as I can to watch Adult Swim. It’s something I haven’t done in a long time.


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