This is a pic I took the first time I went to San Francisco but felt its randomness fits how I feel at the moment. This was taken in an alley in Chinatown. My friend lost his debit card so we stopped in this alley to make sure it wasnt in his bed. So this simple shot has a deeper meaning to me. Me and my friends can laugh about this moment now.

I’m alive and well in SF. It’s the first day and it has gone great. The place we picked for dinner wasn’t good. But me and my friend shared a great conversation. Talked about the bro stuff, it was a good start to this trip. He also got a new job offer that made him tear up. So it’s now a celebration trip as well as a time to relax.

I find this city to be so beautiful but it’s the cracks of this beauty lays a real problem. I won’t go into it but if you come here yourself you will see what I mean.

Day 1 is over in a fewminutes. So I’ll end it here and say peace!.

Enjoy life,



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