Last dinner of the SF Trip at Mifune in Japantown. Had some good ramen with 5 pieces of beef and an egg. It was pretty good meal especially when it was only the second time that we ate today.

Woke up sore but ready to go explore the city of San Francisco again. We traveled to Lombard Street, the worlds most crooked street, and to the pier after exploring Chinatown. It’s the last of the mini vacation I’m a little sad but I’m looking forward to sleeping on my bed and other things.

We walked half of what we did when we walked to the beach. But our legs were pretty much done by the time we reached our hotel. I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I hope to come back to the city. I’ll share specific stories once I’m home and dont have to use a phone to upload this.

One thing I will share now is that I’ve been on my phone less. I only used it to take some photos, to look info of building and things that peeked our interests and for google maps.Well I have to stretch a lot before hitting the hay so I’ll end my last blog of this trip here.

Peace and goodnight,



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