Teaching my friend how to ride a bike in San Francisco as this was his first time ever being on a bike.

Failed once again at this blogging for thirty days challenge. The most consecutive days has been 15 I believe. My “why” must have been weak. Can’t say I won’t fail again but I will pick myself up again. I will now try my best to truly show up on this blog for thirty days straight. It will be hard but worth it. I have a new “why” and it is stronger this time. Won’t share it at this time but in the future I might.

I will be going to San Francisco on Friday and will be returning on Sunday. I will have a boat load more of photos to edit and a few to share. I’ll be pushing my skills and body to the limit as I will be walking everywhere in the city. I will allow myself to let loose but to also wait for the shot that I want.

I will take multiple shots of a subject until I am satisfied unless it’s a very spontaneous street photo then I’m just shit out of luck. Will be traveling to Japantown, Chinatown, Japanese Tea Garden, and hopefully some new places. However, my main focus of the trip is to relax and to allow myself to think. I will enjoy the peace and quiet.

My main focus of deep thinking to develop my core and to pick a main focus. However, I’m allowing myself enough time to truly write things down and be open with myself. I will battle myself to see how I can truly shine. It’s like first learning to ride a bike, you just got to get on and ride even when you fall pick yourself up and try again.




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